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14 Day Body Boost

You're always in a "diet starts tomorrow" mode. 

But do you really want to count every calorie you put into your mouth? 

How many nights have you said to yourself:

“Starting tomorrow I’ll get myself together and start a diet.

Starting tomorrow I’ll stop eating crap and get back to a healthy routine”?


I get it. Because I was you. I was the exact same!


It's such a horrible feeling.

I used to be so embarrassed. Because after all, I wasn’t really fat.

I was considered healthy - so who am I to complain about “only” 4 kg?


I never even told anyone about this!

I used to eat fairly healthy most of the time. However, after a stressful day

I would go to a store and get myself a bucket of ice cream for dinner.


I used to feel like a pig afterwards, but this urge was much stronger than me.

It was just like somebody else took the control over me. As though it wasn’t me.

Even while buying that ice cream, I felt so ashamed. I felt like I should know better.

This all changed for me when I started changing simple things in my daily routine, ultimately making a huge difference.

It started the moment I decided that I’ll never again let my cravings control me.

I was determined to control those cravings and not let them control me!



This new way of eating helped me lose those annoying 4 kg and get the flat stomach I always dreamed about.

Changing a few habits led to a whole new routine that enables me to eat what I want and feel great in my own body.



This is why I created the 14 Day Body Boost program – to show you exactly what steps you can take that will change your life forever and give you the body you want.


You’ve probably tried many diets, you lost some weight but then gained it all back.

You want a long term solution!

You want results that will last!

You don’t want to lose 2kg in a week just to gain 4kg when the diet is over!


I know how you feel.


This is why I want to tell you that this time it’s different. 


This program will give you a huge set of tools that will get you on the right track for life.

The new habits I will teach you in this program have changed my life and I want you to also learn how to use them.


And I don’t just say it because I created it – this is the truth.


Every woman I’ve worked with has gone from: “I hate my body” to “I feel amazing and I love eating healthy”.

What's in this Course?

7 Video Trainings

  • Training 1 is all about how to start your day right to get you into the healthy daily routine you want. 

  • Training 2 will get you to dive deep into the limitations that prevented you from reaching your goals until now. After understanding what's holding you back -
    you can change it to get you reach your goal once and for all. 


  • Training 3 is all about how to plan your daily meal plan to help you prevent those uncontrollable cravings and finally get out of the emotional eating loop.

  • Training 4 will give you effective tools to make the mindset shift that will get you to see
    the positive change you've been waiting for. 


  • Training 5 will give you an action plan to better digestion and show you how you can
    support your body's natural detox processes. 


  • Training 6 will teach you how to take a break and  truly listen to your body deepest needs
    and how to properly read the signals your body is giving you. 


  • Training 7 will help to finally get the results you want by helping you heal completely
    your relationship with yourself and with your body. 

*** all video modules have a download option plus printable transcript

Additional Bonuses

40+ Pages Printed Toolkit

Recipe Book with 30+ easy Recipes

Weekly Meal Planner

Grocery Shopping Planner

Positive Affirmations Toolkit

Members only Facebook Group 

Cooking Session LIVE on our Group 

Two weeks Workouts 

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Full disclosure: this will only work if you will!


If you’re done counting calories and want to stop obsessing about your weight –

the 14 Day Body Boost is the solution for you.

I’m sure you have some hesitations about the 14 Day Body Boost.

After all, you’ve already tried so many things to lose weight, why is this different?

Let me answer some of those questions for you right now.


What will you get in this program?

  • 7+ video trainings + printed version

  • Action Step with each Training integrate into your daily routine

  • Daily tips to keep you motivated

  • Simple tools to create healthy meals for yourself

  • Lots of tips and tricks to help you create healthy habits for life

  • You'll not only feel a shift in your body but a shift in your mind


Full daily support

on a closed

Facebook Group 


Over 30 super

easy recipes 


Delicious meal plan that includes: snacks, desserts, etc.



Two weeks’ workouts

for free 

What kind of results can you expect at the end of the 14 Days?

  • You'll be free from diets and calories counting

  • You'll control your cravings

  • You'll have better digestion and less bloating

  • Your skin will look smooth and glow

  • Your body will be and feel lighter

  • You'll have much more energy

  • You'll find yourself in a better mood

  • You'll have more energy

  • You'll have a stronger immune system

  • You can expect weight loss (between 2-3 kg for most individuals)

Are 14 days enough to make a change?




During these two weeks you’ll receive many tools that are easy to follow. These tools will help you dramatically improve the way you behave toward food, and after taking these steps your new set of tools can last for life.


Everything you’ll get in this program is designed to create healthy habits for life.

There's only one thing you need to remember: the more you invest in you, the better and faster will be your results.


If you want to see actual RESULTS, you’ll have to make a commitment to yourself and follow all the guidelines until the end of the two weeks.


My goal is to give you everything I can to get you to succeed and feel and look fabulous!

You just need to decide you want to.

Who can join the 14 Day Body Boost?

If you are 18+

If you're breastfeeding or pregnant - please consult your doctor before joining.

*Participation is conditional on a health statement / questionnaire.


How much does it cost?

The 14 Day Body Boost costs 149,90€ with a one-time payment.

Payments can be made via PayPal only.



When can you start?

Our next Course starts on February 15th 2021. For more details email:

Immediately after the payment you will receive an email with a personal video that explains the next steps.

*** The program cannot be frozen and cannot be cancelled or transferred.

Full support via Facebook Group throughout the entire 14 days 
Answering hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 19:00

*Participation is conditional on a health statement / questionnaire

What People Say

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"I did with Remi three of the programs she offers, the 14 days body boost, a 8 weeks training plan and personal training. Everything was absolutely amazing. The programs are well prepared, easy to follow, Remi is a great motivator and she is always there for questions and offering extra help. I have not only reached my goal and lost 4 kilos, I also feel healthier, learned so much about what I eat and how I train, and I am truly grateful. I can recommend with all my heart to try at least one of Remi's programs!"



"We have embarked on our journey in July 2020. Even after our 14 days together I continue the journey. I was looking for something to change my nutrition, but couldn‘t get started. With your support I managed to flip the switch. Since then I have changed my nutrition and eat more fruit and vegetables, more whole food, nearly no sweets, coffee and alcohol. AND I feel better and more comfortable.Some days ago I had a medical check-up. The doctor confirmed to me that you can see from the blood values that I am changing my nutrition. A great confirmation for me, which I also owe you.I am grateful for all your support, input, guidance and encouragement as well as all the material provided. You really make the difference for me."



"I know Remi for some years as she is my PT and I truly enjoy working with her. Not only does she work around what you want to achieve but listens to you, your fears and negative thoughts, and gives you tools to overcome them. Moreover, she keeps your goals realistic and doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but how your body and your mind have to work to get them. She has become like a big sister to me and her powerful and positive energy takes over during the workouts which are dynamic and variant.  She also takes your feedback and works around it so you can get the best of the course and her service. It is something worth trying!"