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This is me.


Never have I thought I’ll be where I am today, in terms of my relationship with my body.


For the most parts of my life I was an emotional eater!


When I was stressed – I ate. When I was sad – I ate.

When I was happy – I celebrated with food.

I always turned to food for comfort.


Food was my best friend, as well as my enemy. Or at least, that’s what I thought.


I’ve spent too many days hating my body and comparing myself to other women!

So many days I wished to look different and went against my body, trying out all kinds of diets.


Trying out all the tricks and crazy diets like the Cabbage Soup Diet or

the one you eat only Green Food all day.

Counting Calories and calculating which foods am I “allowed” to eat that day.

All along I was still embarrassed of my body.


I used to hide under big T-shirts when going to the beach and wear a bigger sized dress

to a party to hide my “fat” stomach.


The turning point was when I finally realised, that

just like any other relationship – I needed to work on my relationship with food.


As a result of learning how to live in peace with food, I’ve learned to accept my body as it is

and that food is not the enemy!


Only then I really fall in love with working out and eating healthy.

And as a result of treating my body with respect, came the changes;

the flat stomach and the toned arms I’ve always wished for.


10 years ago I’ve turned this passion of mine into my profession, and became

a Naturopath, Personal Trainer and a Pilates Teacher.


My intention is to help other women like me live their best life,

live in peace with food and just have fun with it.


I believe that there is no such thing as the perfect body. There is a Healthy Body!


The decision is ours!


If you are ready to finally stop the Diet Cycle and want to take back control over your health –

my 8 Week online program is definitely for you!


Let’s create healthy habits together and live our best lives.


Come join our family!



Xx! Remi