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    A bit about my journey:

    I’m Remi, and my dream is that EVERY woman, looking at herself in the mirror, would feel content and happy with the women she sees in front of her!

    Most of my young-adult life was spent struggling with my weight and my body. For years my weight was the only thing I could think about. That, and what diet should I try next, hoping it’ll be the one that will finally help me lose weight and keep it off.

    This led me to read countless nutrition and psychology books from a young age. And eventually to choose Naturopathy as my main profession. So after 4 years of college in Israel (where I’m from), I became a Traditional Naturopath.

    During school I worked with health brands and practitioners in Israel, gaining more professional experience focusing on gut health, women’s health and cardiovascular health. Mostly I learned how our food choices affect our health, our behavior and the world.

    As a serial dreams fulfiller (aka making my dreams my reality) I became a certified Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach in Germany. Teaching and coaching in 3 languages: German, Hebrew and English.


    On my research journey, I took several self development courses, read countless psychology, self development and health books, and attended many workshops.

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    What I do:


    Starting to implement the techniques I’ve learned, I started noticing my life was improving. My body started to get stronger with less effort and my relationship with my body started to heal. I gained not only physical strength but also mental resilience.

    Seeing incredible changes in my own life, I started sharing my method with my clients. Who after following the guidelines started witnessing positive changes in their health and life in general.

    Today, after 12 years of experience I help my clients create profound balance in their lives on three levels: physical, behavioral and emotional. Following this method of balance on all three levels is the KEY for creating positive change for lasting results.

    If you’re ready to gain more confidence and build healthy eating habits through self-acceptance - it’s time you’ll join my world!


    Check out the ways to work with me here!

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    You can also find me:

    • Living in Kansas City, with my husband Brian.
    • Going for long walks with our dog, Rosie.
    • Hosting women's circles and other events in KC.
    • At the library, mesmerized by all the books.
    • Embracing my inner child by watching Beauty and the Beast, the Disney original of course :)

    Discover a path to peace with food

  • My Core Values 


    The highest levels of consciousness! To lead with love, to choose love, to embody love. My personal goal is to always ask: what would love do? Asking this question casts away any thought that origins from the ego and reveals the true purpose of us all - which is love.


    Whenever and wherever - always choose to be honest, in every environment and within any relationship. At times, the feeling of loneliness will accompany the right to be honest. This feeling is temporary. Being honest however is a virtue that serves in deeper time spaces.


    Doing what you say you do, and not saying what you don’t do. Only give your word when you can and are willing to back it up with actions. The best way to describe this, in my eyes, is to quote one of the greatest songs of our times: My Way, “For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things he truly feels, and not the words of one who kneels.”


    Any desire we have was created by Source. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have had this desire. Our job on this planet is to use all of our human abilities to manifest this desire into a reality. This is the way Source can express Itself through us. Being persistent in pursuing our desires we fulfill the desire of Source and by that we are expressing our gratitude for this human experience.


    One of a human being's assignment is to be in a constant journey to growth, always get better than you were yesterday - in all areas of life. If you’re not growing, you’re wilting.


    Being you is the most beautiful, exciting and rewarding adventure in one's lifetime. With only one lifetime on planet earth, you want to spend it being truly who you are. Because nothing else feels so freeing, exciting and vital!


    Life is just like a big video game, where each day we’re alive we get to choose again and have fun. It’s up to us to make our game juicy! No fun = no life. And of course, there’s nothing more attractive than a good sense of humor.


    Relates to choosing love over fear - when love is what drives your life, positivity is like a sweet delicious side effect to it. It’s easier to be positive once you understand that everything just is. Nothing is good or bad. Being positive is a commitment to always come back to love.


    When leading life from love, compassion is automatically one of the virtues one adopts. True compassion starts within ourselves, as if there’s no compassion from within it could never be expressed from without. Compassion is rooted with love. And once you love - nothing else can be expressed.


    A deep knowing by heart that we are always being guided, supported, loved and taken care of. God is love and we are God’s highest form of creation. Knowing this truth can set one free forever.