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“Are you kidding me?” “How can you even dare to complain about it?”


Nobody talks about it. Nobody gives you the feeling it is okay to feel like that. 


“So how can you even bring this up?”


“How can you even dare to think that you’ve got it bad when she’s overweight and

you ONLY have 4-5 kg that are bothering you?” 

“There are others that struggle much more than you do, so just keep that to yourself!”


“It’s only 4-5 kg, girl! Get a grip!”


This is just some of the inner dialog I’ve had for years. 


As much as this hurts me to even think I was in that state of mind, of hating my body but also hating myself

for even thinking that way - I see more and more young women deal with this on a daily basis. 


Never ever in my life would  I have thought I would share this so openly.

Even my closest friends just started to hear me express this out loud.  


I see so many beautiful intelligent women that are hiding this ginormous pain and self hatred 

because they feel like nobody would listen. I’m here to say - I listen! 

And I know exactly how you feel. 


And I can also promise you - that there is another way.

That you can get rid of these chains and live as a happier you. 

I found it after so much struggle and so much pain. 


Let me help you take that first step to a healthier, better YOU! 

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