• Your Body, Your Temple

    Discover a path to peace with food


    About Remi:

    Hi, I’m Remi and one of my biggest passions in life is to see women conquer their self doubt and live the best version of themselves.


    This passion grew out of my own journey having spent years hating my body and treating myself with no love at all. After studying and examining different approaches, I finally developed a method that shifted my entire life both physically and mentally. Now, I get to share this with women like you around the world.


    Here are my credentials:

    • Degree of Traditional Naturopath (2012, Israel)
    • Pilates Instructor (2015, Germany)
    • Personal Trainer (2016, Germany)
    • Certified Nutritionist (2019, Germany) 
  • Methodology Based on Balance

    Physical Balance
    • Tailored nutrition to fit your body needs
    • Recognize your body's signals like hunger
      and fullness
    • Learn which foods feel best for your body
    • Learn how to combine the right foods for optimal digestion and health
    Behavioural Balance 
    • Recognize nutritional patterns
    • Create momentum for healthy habits
    • Enhance your ability to choose and be
      in control
    • Build a solid & sustainable foundation for long term results
    Emotional Balance 
    • Understand and balance emotional eating 
    • Reduce guilt and shame around food 
    • Regenerate how you see yourself aka your body image 
    • Construct a safety net of support throughtout your journey
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