2 Month Nutrition Program



Is this nutrition program right for you?

You’re working out and eating healthy but you’re not losing any weight. 

You want to feel good in your body and be at a weight you feel comfortable with. 

And you’re ready to take charge of what happens with your body!

If any of these sound familiar - you’re at the right place! 

I can help you build healthy habits, have a clear and solid foundation to get you the results you want!

In this 2 month nutrition program we’ll go through your daily routine and eating habits to twick them

into a foundation that will give you long lasting results. 

You’ll get your own individual nutrition plan, 2 weekly calls with me, daily email & text support and all

the tips & tricks that have helped me lose weight and keep it off.

What will you get from this 2 Month Nutrition Program?

Individual Nutrition Plan & 2 Weekly Consultation Calls

On our first kickoff call we’ll walk through a regular day in your life so I can get to know your routine and tailor a nutrition plan that suits you, your needs and your routine. Then we’ll have 2 weekly calls where we’ll adjust your nutrition plan if needed.

Accountability & Long Term Results

With your individual nutrition plan, guidelines and tools you’ll receive in each of our calls - you’ll have a solid foundation to give you long term results that will last for you for the years to come.

Holistic Solution

You’ll learn which foods feel best for your body and how you can combine your meals

for your body’s optimal health.

This holistic approach will show you how with just small adjustments you can

take charge of your body. 



This 2 month program has everything you need to

set you up for success:

  • Individual Nutrition plan 

  • Healthy meals ideas

  • First 90 minutes introduction call 

  • 2 weekly coaching calls

  • 4 coaching calls in total

  • Daily support via text or email

  • Healthy easy recipes




Payments option is available: 2 payments of 225€

*** There is an option for direct bank transfer

For more details email: contact@remihaik.com

*** The program cannot be frozen and cannot be cancelled or transferred

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"I did with Remi three of the programs she offers, the 14 days body boost, an 8 weeks training plan and personal training. Everything was absolutely amazing. The programs are well prepared, easy to follow, Remi is a great motivator and she is always there for questions and offering extra help. I have not only reached my goal and lost 4 kilos, I also feel healthier, learned so much about what I eat and how I train, and I am truly grateful.

I can recommend with all my heart to try at least one of Remi's programs!"


"A few months ago I started an amazing journey with Remi.

I couldn't have asked for anyone more supportive, listening and dedicated than her.

She has such good energy, so much knowledge and a true desire to help.

Thanks to her I was able to change habits that were wrong for my body and I started listening to my body even more. Thanks to her my health has improved and I am now stronger and healthier."


​​"In less than two months, Remi has made me into a new woman. She is strict and knows how to get you out of your excuses and make you just do it! I’m very grateful to work with Remi."