Stop believing everything on social media

You want to get fit and lose the weight you gained during quarantine.

I get it! I feel you! I also fell out of my workout routine.

But there’s something I wanted to tell you:

Stop believing everything on social media!

You might say: well, dah!

So let me ask you this,

how often do you say to yourself: “oh, she has the perfect body!” when you scroll your feed?

Or how about: “So if I’ll drink this tee all day – I’ll lose those 3 kg? Hmm…”

If you know what I’m talking about - STOP!

And let’s talk for a second about those crazy diets that are now trendy on Instagram.

Detox is one of them.

Detox might seem like a great way to lose weight, but what happens when the three days of only eating green colored veggies are over?

You want a long term solution!

You want results that will last!

You don’t want to lose 2kg in a week just to gain 4kg when the detox is over!

Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against detox.

I just want you to know the behind the scenes and learn what detox really means.

First you need to know, our body gets rid of toxins all the time.

Our kidneys and liver working constantly to get toxins out of our body.

A four-day detox tee will help you lose weight, as it boosts the natural detox in your body.

To lose weight and keep it off – you need to take simple steps each day, create new habits and see long term results.

Here are some tips to help your body in its natural detox:

· Start your day with warm lemon water.

lemon water

· Combine foods like chia seeds, beetroot juice, celery and green vegetables.

· Add herbs like parsley and coriander - they support the kidneys.

· Drink 2-3 liters water a day.

You feel like you don’t want to do it all on your own?

I’m here for you!

Click here and I’ll show you the best steps you can take in your current situation to lose the extra weight.

Xx, Remi

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