60 Day Upgrade

60 Day Upgrade

The 60 Day Upgrade is a 8 weeks program
where you get to join an incredible community and you have my full support during your journey.

What you can expect?

Learn how to balance your cravings in a quick easy way!
Learn the right meal portions for you so you’ll never feel hungry!
Start trusting yourself around food, especially on social events, on vacation!
Learn how to replace the habits that are stopping you from seeing results
Get a sustainable step by step action plan to last you for the years to come
And most importantly, you’ll start to LOVE what you see in the mirror!
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What will you get?

  • Individual nutrition plan 
  • Create a strong safety net around food 
  • LIVE group coaching calls
  • Amazing community support
  • 3 workout x week (30 minutes each)
  • Access to members only App
  • Healthy meals ideas
  • Habit tracking system 
  • Over 30 easy recipes
  • Daily reminders to track your progress
Join this amazing community now!! 
What will you learn each week?

Week 1: How to really achieve your goals and stay motivated? You’ll learn how to create a daily plan that supports you to achieve your goals. 

Week 2: How to balance emotional eating? You’ll learn an easy technique that will help you balance cravings and let go of the binge eating episodes. 

Week 3: How to identify your natural body cues? You’ll learn what are the right proportions of food for your body. 

Week 4: How to lead your inner critic and better your self talk? You’ll learn easy ways to best deal with self criticism in a way that supports you. 

Week 5: How to reach your optimal weight without counting calories? You'll understand what to focus on when it comes to your daily calorie intake. 

Week 6: What effects does your mindset have on your weight? You'll learn how to change your mindset in a way that will help you reach your optimal weight and keep it for the years to come. 

Week 7: How does self love look like with food? You'll learn what you can do on a daily basis to ensure you’ll stay on track. 

Week 8: How to create daily anchors to support you on different life situations like vacations, busy times, holidays etc. 


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For more details email: contact@remihaik.com

*** The program cannot be frozen and cannot be cancelled or transferred

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