Juice Plus+ Capsules

Juice Plus+ Capsules

Juice Plus+ Essentials Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blend Capsules contain a wide range of natural secondary metabolites. Its nutritional ingredients are derived from 30 different kinds of fruits, vegetables and berries. Juice Plus+ Essentials: Fruits, vegetables and berries are harvested when they reach perfect ripeness, and then carefully treated using our very own patented process. For a maximum intake of nutritional ingredients - every day.
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Naturally colourful - fruits, vegetables and berries make up the nutrient-giving ingredients of Juice Plus+ Essentials.
Naturally pure - guaranteed through constant laboratory monitoring by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

Recommendations for use
Take 2 fruit capsules, 2 vegetable capsules and 2 selected berry capsules every day, preferably at mealtimes, and drink plenty of water.

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